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We start with Perfect Vision RG6 coax cable, add two PPC EX6 Plus RG-6 snap & seal outdoor compression connectors that are approved by, Comcast, DTV and Dish. Once assembled the cable’s conductivity is tested. Finally, we install a single RV Cable Grip and one PPChigh frequency 3GHZ F81 barrel connector.

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Our jumper assembly can be used with a portable satellite dish when you have two receivers and the cable connections are less that 2-1/2” apart. It can also be added to anywhere the cable connections are too close together for the RV Cable Grip to be attached.

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  1. chick doe (verified owner)

    this product did exactly what i wanted it to do, after i made one modification. we move our direct tv box from home to the trailer and we have to screw the coax into the back of the cable box. the loose coax at the trailer is short and it is always a pain in the fingers to screw in onto the cable box. i got one of these but took the barrel connector off the grip end and put it on the regular coax end. i then screwed the two regular coax ends together using the barrel connector. this extended the short trailer coax about a foot and i can now screw the cable onto the cable box using the grip which is much easier than the regular coax connector. money well spent!

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