J Wright Concepts has teamed up with CTECH Manufacturing the largest manufacturer of all aluminum Drawers and Cabinets designed to travel on the highway

Are you having to unload containers to get at the one deep inside your storage compartments?

Want to organize your cords and hoses making setup easy when arriving at the campground?

Having trouble finding a tool box that fits your side compartment?

If your answer is YES, adding an aluminum drawer or drawers to your RV will solve the problem and make life easier!

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Our aluminum drawers can be made to fit your needs. Simply measure the maximum width, height and depth where you want the drawer. Drawers can be made as wide as 48 inches, as deep as 72 inches, minimum width 12 inches and depth of 10 inches. Available in heights from 3 inch to 12 inch in one-inch increments. This allows you to get a single drawer or stack of drawers in a custom size, you are not restricted to a “STANDARD SIZE” we designed.

All drawers have the patented MotionLatch™ System. This opening function lets you grab anywhere on the extruded aluminum handle and effortlessly open our 250lb rated drawer. “ONE HAND-ONE MOTION’’ operation is exclusive to CTECH. When closing the drawer, the Dual Composite Latches secure the drawer from opening while traveling down the highway. 
Watch the video on the Gallery page (at the bottom) to see how they are made.


The lower mounting flanges make installation easy. In some cases, the door opening on your RV may be higher than the floor where you would mount the drawer. You let us know how much clearance is needed, we will raise the bottom drawer to clear the lip.


Getting a quote is easy. Fill out the Quote Form, hit SUBMIT and you will email the needed information to us, we will send you by return email a drawing and quote. If you decide to change something after receiving our quote it is easy for us to update it and get right to you, so let’s get started!